Charmouth Photos

A selection from our extensive collection of photographs of the village, some dating back over 150 years. The photographs are accessed from a zoomable map of the village. (For instructions on how to use the zoomable map click here.)

Open the Photos Hotspots Map by clicking here,

Once the map is open navigate your way to a point of interest, or choose from the drop down menu in the upper right, and then click on a red hotspot to open a slideshow of photos related to that building or location. (If the slideshow doesn’t open click again – it can be a bit fussy about where exactly you click!)

The slide show opens in a new window/tab so you can return to where you were on the map. To move on to the next slide click the arrow on the extreme right hand edge about half way up (not always easy to see) – click the arrow on the left edge to move back. If you hover your mouse over one of these arrows the caption at the bottom will disappear.

Charmouth Local History Society has made efforts to locate any existing copyright holders of the original photographs on this site. Any legitimate rights holder(s) is(are) welcome to contact the Society for the appropriate acknowledgments to be added.