Ordnance Survey 1811

From the Ordnance Survey maps of completed in 1811, surveyed by Colonel William Mudge of the Board of Ordnance then based at the Tower of London and mapped at 1 inch to the mile (1:63,360). The map was engraved on copper plates and the detail is exceptional showing individual streets and buildings and many industrial and archaeological sites. This section covers an area of around 27×15 miles (43×24 kms) around Charmouth covering parts of Dorset, Someset and Devon

Source: David Beaton, Dorset Maps, 2001, The Dovecote Press

Technical Notes.

The original Ornance Survey 1811 key to map sheetsmap is made up of a series of 9×5 inch (23×13 cm) panels of which nine are shown here. The map used is a composite of four original map sheets: 21, 22, 18 and 17 (the NW, SW, NE, SE parts of the map) as shown left (click to enlarge) where the red box shows the approximate area covered by the main map. There is a vertical join down the map just right of center where the original maps sheets have been glued together and a small sliver of detail is lost (which unfortunately includes part of Charmouth). The original sketches used in the preparation of this map for the Charmouth area can be found here (new window opens). The digital map was scanned from the original at 600 dpi.

This is quite a large map and can be slow to load but it is well worth viewing as it shows the cartographer’s craft at its best.

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