Minutes of the 2019 AGM

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21st AGM Charmouth Local History Society

19th September 2019
Charmouth Village Hall

Present: 6 members of the committee and c80 general members.

In the intermission of Charmouth Then and Now presentation Helen Parker gave a
quick summary of the Secretary and Treasurer’s reports. Also she gave notification of
the changes to the committee structure and took a few questions from the audience.
Phil Tritton arrived and handed out to the audience the details of the Charmouth
History Group finances for the last financial year, clarifying the larger purchases and
changes to the team within the Charmouth Local History Group.

Phil Tritton announced that he was standing down as Chairperson to give him more
time to follow other pursuits for and within the village along with more time for

Helen Parker publicly thanked Phil Tritton for all his work over many years holding
simultaneously many roles at one time. That without his diligent hard work and
genuine good will to many pople the group would have folded many years ago and
that the new committee hopes to build upon his firm foundations. Applause and good
wishes from the audience towards to Phil Tritton.

Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances at this meeting it was agreed to ensure later in
the year the members were fully updated on changes to and the events for Charmouth
Local History Group.

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