Minutes of the 2018 AGM

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Charmouth Local History Society
Minutes of the Twentieth Annual General Meeting
Held in Charmouth Village Hall
Friday 2lst September 2018 8.30pm

Note: The AGM has held in the interval of the autumn talk

1. Apologies: Pat Stapleton, Helen Hughes, Graham Bender

  1. Chairman’s Welcome: Phil Tritton welcomed four committee members and c80 ordinary members to the meeting. He noted that we were very sorry to receive the resignations of Amanda Jones, Richard Dunn and Lorna Cowan from the committee but we were pleased to welcome Helen Hughes, Helen Parker and Roger Sansom to the committee. Roger has assumed the role of Membership Secretary
  2. Minutes of the last AGM. These were accepted as an accurate record.
  3. Matters arising. There were none
  4. Secretary’s Report. This had been pre-circulated and was briefly summarised, the main points being: The loss of committee members which caused the cancellation of the Summer Exhibition, the two very successful talks that took place, the addition of audio histories to our website and the publication of a new booklet ‘Discover Charmouth Old Village, copies of which were distributed at the meeting. This report was unanimously accepted by the meeting.
  5. Treasurer’s Report. The financial position was summarised: A small surplus was achieved as no major costs were incurred and the bank balance at the year end was £2483.91. There are no longer any major benefactors to the club so there is a heavy reliance on subscriptions and donations. This report was unanimously accepted by the meeting.
  6. Membership Rates. These were proposed to remain at £6 per household, including those residing outside Charmouth. This was unanimously accepted by the meeting.
  7. Election of Officers and Committee. Phil Tritton was re-elected as Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary. Roger Sansom was re-elected as Membership Secretary. Neil Mattingley, JulietHankey and Pat Stapleton were re-elected to the committee. PhilTritton made a plea for members to put themselves forward to the committee. The Parish Council representative is Graham Bender. The re-election of the committee was unanimously accepted by the meeting.
  8. AOB. There was none.

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