Charmouth 1880

A library of high-resolution zoomable historical maps (and aerial photographs) of Charmouth and Dorset.

For each entry click on Map (or Photo) to open the zoomable image and click on Notes for more information about the map/photo and how the digital version was created. The zoomable maps are best viewed in full-screen: for general information on using the zoomable maps click here.

Charmouth Maps

1841 Tithe Map, whole parish. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, village. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, field names. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, rural owners. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, rural occupiers. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, village owners. Map. Notes.
1841 Tithe Map, village occupiers. Map. Notes.

1890 Ordnance Survey, 6 inches to the mile. Map. Notes.
1901 Ordnance Survey, 25 inches to the mile. Map. Notes.
1929 Ordnance Survey, 25 inches to the mile. Map. Notes.

Charmouth Aerial Photographs

1946 vertical, whole parish. Photo. Notes.
1955 oblique, The Street. Photo. Notes.
1997 oblique, village and surrounds. Photo. Notes.

Charmouth Area Maps

1720 Bowen-Owen strip road map Exeter-Bridport. Map. Notes.
1811 Ordnance Survey 1 inch to the mile. Map. Notes.

Growth of Charmouth 1841-2016

These are slideshows which trace the growth of the village at seven points in time:
Slideshow. Notes.

Dorset Maps

1575 Christopher Saxton. (no zoomable map). Notes.
1607 William Camden. Map. Notes.
1610 John Speed. Map. Notes.
1612 Michael Drayton. Map. Notes.
1627 Pieter van den Keere. Map. Notes.
1645 Joan Blaeu. Map. Notes.
1695 Robert Morden. Map. Notes.
1720 Bowen County Map. Map. Notes.
1742 Thomas Badeslade and William Toms. Map. Notes.
1765 Isaac Taylor. Map. Notes.
1773 John Bayly. Map. Notes.
c.1786 Thomas Kitchin. Map.  Notes.
1808 Charles Smith. Map. Notes.
1820 Thomas Dix. Map. Notes.
1829 Greenwood. Map. Notes.
c.1900 Bacon’s New Survey Map of Dorset. Map. Notes.
1940 Ordnance Survey Military map. Map.
1970s Ordnance Survey Cold War map. Map.