Living History – Real Life Audio Interviews

Local history is about living memories as well as those which are from the long distant past. The Charmouth Local History Society is collecting audio recordings from our Charmouth residents as we believe it is important to preserve our local peoples’ lives.

Here you can find these audio recordings. Listen and become immersed in a world of memories as our interviewees reveal their lives in Charmouth. Everyone has a unique perspective on the world they grew up in, worked in and lived in and here are these real thoughts, recollections and ponderings. Sit back and relax and see if you remember the things which are voiced in these interviews. What is paramount is that memories are voiced and personal perspectives portrayed.

A rather apt: March 1965 – Any Questions on Radio 4 with Freddy Grisewood, Charmouth Church Hall

Elise Miles (Long) 31.10.2017

In this first interview, on 31st October 2017, Amanda Jones met Elise Miles who is the daughter of Mr and Mrs Long who ran the post office, which is now called Melville House. Elise grew up in Charmouth with her family and moved to Bridport when her own children were young in 1972. Her home was important in the village being the Post Office and in our interview she recalls her memories of growing up here and being part of a busy hub where the whole village population would call!



Please note that these are personal recollections and notes can be added if any change in factual details come to light. The interviews will also be converted into written articles for the society.

If you would like to be involved in this project please contact us. We will book an appointment with you to talk through what is involved. Basically, it is a friendly chat, informal interview and we will ensure you are happy before we share anything. As a society we wish to preserve the history of our village and you are a huge part of every little bit of it.