Greenwood 1829
Christopher and John Greenwood are famous for their series of large-scale maps published between 1819 and 1834. Their first map of Dorset was surveyed in 1825 and 1826 and published in 1826 at 1 inch to the mile (1:63,360) on 48 panels.

In 1829 a smaller scale map was published based on these surveys described in the cartouche as “corrected to the present period” and it is that map that is shown here. The roads are completely up-to-date and some outside the county are shown (e.g. the road from Salisbury to Honiton). Over 40 “Parks & Pleasure Grounds” are shown in dark green.

Source: David Beaton, Dorset Maps, 2001, The Dovecote Press

Technical Notes.

A composite of two digital photographs (the vertical join runs just west of Yeovil) but of relatively poor quality.

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