In 1977 John N. Broadhurst became the headmaster of Charmouth School where he remained for 20 years. He has written a history of the Old School and the journey to the New School.

He has kindly given us permission to reprint this history and the following information will, we are sure, will be of great interest to many of the visitors to this site. Click on the part name below and the relevant part will be downloaded as a pdf file in a separate window.

Part 1 – A log of significant events from 1834 right the way through until the official opening ceremony of the new school in June 1993. This part includes the official school log begun in 1863 with an updated record of head teachers to date. Some group photographs are included here dated circa1903 and others dated 1922. More recent photographs show the other local schools which were amalgamated with Charmouth School and also the preparations for the new school.

Part 2 – This part contains more details of the Old School buildings.

Part 3 – More recent special occasions, events and initiatives are documented in this part.

Part 4 – A photographic record of the transformation of the Old School Building and some early photographs of the New School building are included in this part.

Part 5 – This part includes reproductions of thoughts about the Old School by some of the children and also what they thought about the New School. More photographs are also included.

Part 6 – Christmas production photographs are included here as well as photographs taken at the opening of the New School. This part finishes with a gallery of the first indiviudual and family group photographs taken in the Summer Term of 1978.

Part 7 – This part includes a further collection of photographs that came to light after the book was originally put together.

Part 8 – Finally, this part contains a reproduction of the 1993-4 School prospectus.

John Broadhurst’s own website can be linked to at and he invites visitors to make direct contact with him using the email address on his contact page.