2017 Summer Exhibition

2017 Summer Exhibition

There will be a free exhibition at the Pavey Room in The Elms over the summer months. This will focus on a selection from the enormous number of old photographs we have. There will be over 200 images, all with some accompanying notes, showing various aspects of the village, some dating back to the 19th century, and including many of Samuel Hansford’s wonderful photos. Also on display will be some of the artefacts we have collected over the years, ranging from the pre-historic to interesting objects like the raisin stoner and coffee grinder that used be part of the local stores.

We hope this will be of interest to both residents and visitors. It will be an opportunity to come and browse at your leisure and find out a bit more about the fascinating Local History of our village.

Opening Hours:
Grand opening Friday 7th July 6.30 – 9pm,
Mondays – Saturdays 2-4pm
(we plan to be open every day but Sunday but we are dependent on volunteers so If you are coming any distance please contact us first just to make sure there are no problems)

The Pavey Room, for directions click here.

Entrance will be free for all and there will be two other free exhibitions in adjacent buildings as shown here:

For more information visit here.