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New Version of the Free Charmouth History Trail Leaflet is available to download

  Charmouth Trail Map

We have updated the free Charmouth History Trail leaflet and it is available to download here. The full 24-page booklet is available from the society and outlets in the village at a cost of £2.00.

Forde Abbey Visit

We had a splendid turnout for a visit to Forde Abbey on the 10th of April, 2024. Over 40 members were able to make the trip and we learnt all about the Abbey’s history and its links to Charmouth. In particular the role that Thomas Chard played.

The Charmouth Local History Society

What has Charmouth been like in the past?

Who lived here?

Why did they come here?

How did they live?

What did they do?

The society has a large collection of documents, photographs and objects which have been donated to us. These show that our relatively small village has a very wide and rich history, ranging from visits by royalty or the author Jane Austen to interesting old characters, charities, amazing buildings and even the last duel in England!

We want to use this collection to interest and intrigue people of all ages who live in Charmouth or have connections with the local area or are visitors to Charmouth.