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A herd of cows in the Street outside The Court in Charmouth c.1900.

The Village Echo is our journal; 46 issues have now been published since 1999 and contain a variety of articles of local interest from the recent and not so recent past. Issues 1 – 44 are now available to read online (see below).

The Village Echo is free to members and costs £2 plus postage for non-members. Back issues are available at £2 per copy for recent issues, £1 for older issues plus postage, with discounts for larger orders. Please contact us to make an order or for more details.

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Index of Articles to The Village Echo

Vol. 1 Sept 1999
– Peter M Press, The Old Cement Factory

Vol. 2 Feb. 2000
– Peter M Press, The Charmouth Battery
– Malcolm Bowditch, Dancing Bears

Vol. 3 Oct. 2000
– Malcolm Bowditch, Frank Pick, Alfred Trott & David Bettes, Charmouth in 1881

Vol. 4 Feb. 2001
– Peter M Press, Isaac Hunter Local Hero
– Peter M Press, Charmouth Ghosts
– Leslie Baragwanath, The Limes Ghosts
– Malcolm Bowditch, Misplaced Zeal
– Peter Childs, John Childs 1901- 1984
– Rita Whatmore, May Copp’s Shop

Vol. 5 June 2001
– Derrick Warren, Childhood Memoirs 1924-42
– Phillip Hares, Family Histories of Charmouth
– Malcolm Bowditch, Sundry Anecedotes  11
– By S. M., Limes Ghosts 2
– Malcolm Bowditch, The Schalchs & Haggards of Charmouth

Vol. 6 October 2001
– Ken Gollop, Frank Gollop – Last of the Stoneboatmen
– Peter Childs, Birds of Prey
– Peter M Press, Dennis Menaced & Nick Stapleton, Ghosts at the Court

Vol. 7 January 2002
– David Bettes, The Well Head” a fragment
– Harvey Picher, A Charmouth Evacuee
– Malcolm Bowditch, Fire Alarm Alarm
– Rita Whatmore, The Village Supper
– Janet Solway, Turkey on a Hot Tin Roof

Vol. 8 June 2002
– Peter Childs, My Very Dear People
– Malcolm Bowditch, Their Finest Hour
– Peter Bide, Charmouth June 1940
– Malcolm Bowditch, Village Politics at Work
– Michael Thomas, Mary & Lionel White

Vol. 9 October 2002
– Malcolm Bowditch, Rubin Frampton: Butcher
– Frank. C. Smith, An Englishman’s Home
– Peter. M. Press, One Soldier’s Story

 Vol.10 Winter 2003
– Malcolm Bowditch, Folk songs in Charmouth and District
– Guy Bryan, A History of Wootton Fitzpaine. A Revue
– Maureen Bullows. Census Returns
– Michael Priestley, Catherston’s Lost Masterpiece.
– Peter M. Press, The Old New Inn. ( he Wander Inn)
– Michael Thomas Charmouth Church: Its Musical Traditions

Vol. 11 June 2003
– Peter Childs, Hogchester Farm
– Gwen Chessell, The Liddons of Langmoor
– Brian Boston, Charmouth Poor House
– Peter M Press, Thomas Montefiore 1866 – 1944
– Peter M Press, The Pryer Family Visit

 Vol. 12 Winter 2003
– Reginald Pavey, The Warden Bond Duel
– Sarah K, The Matrimonial Ladder
– David Carter, A Brief Account of the Combined Church and Parish Council from 1860 – 1945
– Leslie Baragwanath, Charmouth During the War
– Peter M. Press, In Defence of the Real
– Peter Childs, Wilfred Smith of “Befferlands Farm”
– Peter M Press, The Oldest Building in the Village

Vol. 13 Spring 2004
– John Debenham, The Great Carbolic Mystery
– Neil Ransford, Some Memories of Charmouth: Charmouth House Hotel)
– Malcolm Bowditch(with Janet Green & Rita Whatmore), Nutcombe Terrace in the 1940’s
– Rita Whatmore, The Christmas Swim
– David Carter, The Charities of Charmouth
– Peter M Press, The Danish Raids; Historical Sources

Vol. 14 Summer 2004
– Peter Childs, The Last Miller of Charmouth
– Richard Burleigh, Introducing William Barnes
– Williams Barnes, The “Vaices that Begone”
– Richard Pavey, Recollections of Reginald Pavey
– Peter M Press, Charmouth at War
– Peter M. Press, Old Soldiers

Vol. 15 Autumn 2004
– Jim Crook, Reflections of Charmouth
– Peter M Press, The Char or not the Char
– Peter M. Press, Doctor R.D. Lang
– Peter Crowther, Go West Old Man
– Elise Miles, Ellis Long
– Rita Whatmore, Charmouth in August
– Richard Stirk, The Rector’s Day Dream

Vol. 16 Winter 2005
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge
– R.W.J. Pavey, The Village Hospital
– David Munday, The Great Charmouth Flood
– Peter Bide, Driftwood and Fishermen

Vol. 17 Summer 2005
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge No.2: Dangerous Moonlight
– Roy Aldworth, My Country Boyhood
– Michael Priestley, Brief History of Catherston Leweston
– Peter M Press, Charmouth House Hotel (The Fountain)
– C.J.V., The Piper

Vol. 18 Autumn 2005
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge No.3 1908
– Les Hopper, James Harrison and the Charmouth Dinosaur
– Peter Bide, Charmouth Beaches
– Peter M Press, Ghosts Galore
– Peter M Press, Flight from Burma

Vol. 19 Winter 2006
– Peter Childs, Tales From the Forge
– Peter Childs, A History of the Dorsetshire Regiment
– Janet Solway, Norah and Me
– R.W.J. Pavey, The Axminster Omnibus
– Peter M Press, Great Fires of Charmouth

Vol.20 Summer 2006
– Sam Scrivens, Building Dorset
– Peter Bide, Charmouth Weather
– Peter Childs, The Dorsetshire Regiment 1800 – 1900
– Peter M Press, So Maisie’s Gone : Maisie Marshall
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge No.5
– David Bettes, The Charmouth Tunnel

Vol. 21 Autumn 2006
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge No. 6 Harry’s Story
– Michael Thomas, The Charmouth Birthday Book
– John Hutchings, Youthful High Spirits on the Home Front
– Roy Aldworth, Roy’s Story
– Terry Moseley, The Norris Family
– Bill Putnam, A Possible Roman Road at Hogchester
– Peter M Press, Roy Aldworth

Vol. 22 Winter 2007
– Peter Childs, History of the Dorsetshire Regiment Part 2
– Viv Hallett, Charmouth’s Own Dad’s Army
– Pat Stapleton, It came Upon a Midnight Clear
– Chris Leverington, A History of the Charmouth Lawn Tennis Club
– Peter M Press, The Return of a Native
– David Carter, Reminiscences and Coincidences

Vol. 23 Summer 2007
– Peter Childs, History of the Dorsetshire Regiment Part 3
– Rosemary Bennett, Memories of the Limes School
– Bill Gordge, Roots – Rolling Back the Years
– Brian Boston, Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre: A History
– Peter M Press,

Vol. 24 Autumn 2007
– Peter Childs, Tales from The Forge. A Client for Alf’s Clinic
– Brian Boston, Richard Ollard
– Rosemary Bennett, Fernhill to Charmouth
– Bill Gordge, Land of my Fathers

Vol. 25 Winter 2008
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge. Empire Exhibition 1924
– Mavis Uddy, An Evacuee’s Tale
– Rosemary Bennett, The Whittington Family of the Limes
– Peter Bide, Landscapes of West Dorset, Dorset Smugglers. Western Flying Post 1825
– Peter M. Press, The Abbots House
– Peter M. Press, Lampposts

Vol.26 Summer 2008
– John Hutchings, A Plumber’s Mate and lots more Besides
– Rosemary Earl, Rosemary’s Story: Charmouth in the Sixties
– Peter M. Press, The Abbots House: Part 1
– Terry Moseley, Albury House and the Bowyer Smythes
– Peter M. Press, Rita
– Anon., Advice to Young Sailors

Vol.27 Autumn 2008
– Peter Childs,Tales from The Forge: Kate Childs
– Robert Munday, Mr. Pavey’s Old Austin 16!
– Rosemary Bennett, Fun and Games
– Peter M. Press, The Abbots House II

Vol.28 Winter 2009
– Mike Whatmore, The Christmas Pantomime
– Peter Bide, Monkton Wyld School
– Mary Davis, Charmouth Street Accidents 1972 – 86
– Peter M. Press, The Abbots House Part III
– Edna Smith, Pat Stapleton

Vol.29 Summer 2009
– Canon Claude Rutter, The Cistercians and forde Abbey
– Anthony Hofler, A Symbol of my Youth
– Tony Flux, Land Slips and Black Ven
– Richard Stirk, My Days at School with Millie

Vol.30 Autumn 2009
– Peter Press, In The Beginning
– Michael Priestley, The Abbot’s House – An Appreciation
– Michelle & Norman Jones, A History of Portland Sheep
– Peter Childs, Tales from the Forge: Freda Childs
– Various, Village Shops
– Agenda: AGM

Vol.31 Winter 2010
– Peter Press, The Chard to Charmouth Railway? Part 1
– Mike Thomas, A Special Event for Two Charmouth Lads
– Mike Thomas, The Stone of Scone
– Peter Press, The Tale of the Burnt Bowler
– Roy Churchman, Christingale Preparations
– David Bettes, Charmouth – Asnelles Twinning
– Peter Press, Dorset Journey: A Review

Vol.32 Summer 2010
– Peter Childs, The Chard to Charmouth Railway Part
– Neil Mattingly, Lords of the Manor Part
– Simon Brickell, A Coast Guard\ family in Charmouth

Vol.33 Autumn 2010
– Peter Childs, Tales of the Forge: Red Letter Day
– Neil Mattingly, Lords of the Manor Part 2
– Peter Bide, Lower Sea Lane
– Beryl Whittington, The Woman’s Home Defence
– Peter M Press, A Life Membership: Peter Childs and Response
– Mike Thomas, The White Family at Primrose Cottage
– Richard Burleigh, A Further Glimpse at the Queens Armes

Vol.34 Winter 2011
– David Hopkinson, The Hopkinson’s of Charmouth
– Peter M Press, The Tale of the Lion
– Dr Ken Sneath, A Consumer Revolution in Charmouth
– Peter Crowter, From Acres to Hectares

Vol.35 Summer 2011
– Peter M Press, Percy Smith
– Neil Mattingly, Lords of the Manor Part 3
– Peter M Press, Rev Francis Orpen Morris

Vol.36 Autumn 2011
– Peter Childs, Tales of the Forge
– Neil Mattingly, Lords of the Manor Part 4
– Peter M Press, I’m Off!

Vol.37 Winter 2011
– Peter M Press, Village Echo: Editorial
– Michael Whatmore, Acting Chairman’s Report
– Gill Joye, Edwin Pryer – Who Was He?
– Peter M Press, Roger Warren
– W P Vernon-Browne, Charmouth Lawn Tennis Club
– Peter M Press, Mary de Bunsen
– Peter Childs, Tales from The Forge

Vol.38 Spring 2012
– Peter M Press, Village Echo: Editorial
– Pat Stapleton, Acting Chairman’s report
– Mike Seaman, Robert Hildyard 1836-1876
– Neil Charleton, Impressions of Charmouth
– Garth Pearce, The Whittingtons – A Personal View
– Peter M Press & Michael Priestley, Sarah Kennaway: Charmouth Poetess

Vol.39 Spring 2013
– Peter Press becomes a Life Member
– Kevin Payne, 7th Bristol honours Reginald Pavey
– Elaine Love, George William Burgis
– Roy Churchman, Opening The Community Hall Extension
– Russell Telfer, Queens Walk, Charmouth

Vol 40 Summer 2013
– Neil Mattingly, Charmouth 100 Years Ago
– ML Turner, WD Starke Tales of Old Charmouth
– John Broadhurst, Charmouth School

Vol 41 Summer 2014
– Neil Mattingly, Charmouth 100 Years Ago part 2
– John Broadhurst, Charmouth School part 2
– Derrick Warren, Charmouth Memoirs 1924-42

Vol 42 Summer 2015
– Neil Mattingly, Charmouth 100 Years Ago part 3
– Keith Shaw, Monique Bellingham: Lyme’s Canadienne
– Charmouth from Stonebarrow c.1890
– Russell Telfer, West Dorset’s Ancient Roads
– Richard Dunn, Charmouth History Trail
– Neil Mattingly, Melbourne House – A Look at its Past
– Richard Dunn, From The Pavey Room: Society News

Vol 43 Spring 2016
– Charmouth in the 1920s through the lens of Claude Hider, Neil Mattingly
– On Monkton Wyld School and its closure, Charles Bevan
– Charmouth’s Missing Railway, Russell Telfer
– The Street in 1955
– The Royal British Legion Women’s Section, Charmouth Branch, 1926-2015, Pat Stapleton and Tricia Forsey
– The Return of the Pryers, Trevor Clark
– The Architectural Gems that are 1, 2 and 3 Hillside, Neil Mattingly
– From The Pavey Room: Society News, Phil Tritton

Vol 44 Spring 2017
– Gertrude Evans 1874-1966, Robin Leach1
– The Growth of Charmouth 1841-1901, Richard Dunn
– Charmouth c.1990
– Backlands Farm, Neil Mattingly
– For good King George and old England: A soldier of Charmouth in the French Revolutionary Wars (part 1), Daniel Ridley-Kitts MBE
– From the Pavey Room: Society News, Phil Tritton