Minutes of the 2013 AGM

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The Pavey Group
The Charmouth Local History Resource Centre
The Elms, The Street, Charmouth Dorset DT6 6LN

Minutes of the Fifteenth Annual General Meeting held on 30th September 2013 at The Elms

Chairman’s Welcome: Pat Stapleton welcomed 12 members to the meeting.

Apologies for Absence: Jeff Prosser, Maureen Bullows, Rosemary Earl, Mary Lelliott, David Hunter, Mr and Mrs N Gardner, Rosalind Cole and Isobel Telfer

Minutes from the last AGM of 26th September 2012:The minutes of the previous AGM were summarised by the Secretary who pointed out that these had been displayed on the website since last autumn. The Chairman proposed their approval, and this was passed.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising other than points raised

Chairman’s Report: Pat gave her report for the group, saying that the
Secretary’s report, which she had already seen, covered many of the points she would wish to make. The Pavey Group had recovered well from some difficulties experienced in the previous year, and that this was due to the efforts of the committee to work together, provide a varied programme for members, to keep the Pavey Room open, and to publish further editions of the Village Echo. She thanked the committee, and members, for their support.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike Whatmore was pleased to report that the financial situation of the Group was healthy. Our present balance was £1757.54, showing a surplus (profit) of some £400 over the previous year. The accounts had been audited by Mike Smith, a qualified accountant. He noted that the number of subscriptions had fallen, but other factors had played a part in boosting our resources. A large outlay on printing materials in the previous year, 2011-2012, had meant that we could keep our stationery and printing costs in 2012-2013 down to a modest level. Many speakers had volunteered their services free. The largest source of income was a number of generous donations from members and past members. The Pavey Group was very grateful to these donors.

In response Russell Telfer passed a motion of thanks to Mike for his lengthy term of office and this was passed unanimously.

Secretary’s Report: This was lengthy but gave an outline of the Pavey Group’s activities and some of the problems it faced at present. It has been abridged.

The committee confirmed a joint meeting with the United Reformed Church in Charmouth for its 350th anniversary celebration. This was attended by a few Pavey Group members and by members of the church.

A second video of the Charmouth Christmas Swim was scheduled in November. Jeff Prosser presented this but there was minimal attendance. A Coffee Morning was arranged at The Elms in December, but after poor attendances previously, it was cancelled.

We had more success with our fixtures in the new year when we switched to afternoon meetings. Mike Whatmore gave a talk on Charmouth’s Naval History. This was well received.

In February Cecil Amor gave a talk on Dorset’s Stone Circles. This meeting was well attended.

In March Russell Telfer gave a talk on Charmouth’s Ancient Roads with much of the material provided by Neil Mattingly (and which is available to consult on the Charmouth History website) and also some previously unseen photos provided by Geoff Davis. This was also well attended.

In April Peter Lacey gave a talk on Lyme’s Maritime History.

A talk by Ken Gollop on his grandfather Frank Gollop was held on 30th May. This was also well attended.

In June a local history quiz was prepared by members of our committee but there was poor attendance.

We decided not to arrange any more events until next season.

There were practical difficulties in preparing for new editions of the Village Echo, one of which was that we needed to find worthwhile articles. Hilary Munday took effective charge as acting editor and we produced Echo 39 just after new year. There was a delay also with Echo 40, but this was distributed in August.

Reviewing our progress at meetings in July and August 2013, the committee reflected on the decline of attendances by members, minimal feedback on our programme, and a general trend by villagers to shift away from 20th century style traditional meetings and socially supported activities. As a consequence we decided that – subject to confirmation by the new committee – we would recommend a curtailment of our activities next year. Specifically, the Pavey Group, or the Charmouth Local History Society, as we are also known, will remain open to ensure the preservation of our artefacts, archives and documents. We would plan to hold monthly, but not weekly, open days for members, that subject to support we would produce further editions of the Village Echo, and that we would have occasional rather than regular talks. One such, which is likely to take place in November, is by Neil Mattingly and Chris Leverington on Charmouth’s Place In History.

In view of the reduction of activities next year, the committee decided for one year only that the family subscription fee would be abated – that in effect twelve months free membership would be offered to present members. However we were hoping to reduce our very high postage costs by asking members either to collect their magazines personally, to read them online, or, if they live outside the village, to pay a charge to cover postage. Of the previous committee members, Richard Stirk and Hilary Munday had stepped down with effect from August, although both may continue to help us with production of the Village Echo. We would like to thank them for their support. The Pavey Group can continue to function, but only if it is supported by members. I would ask you all to offer your support to the new committee. Any of you who are willing to offer us practical help could be co-opted very soon – so please let us know if you would be able to offer.

Election of Officers and Committee: Ken Gollop took over for this part of the business. He noted that there was only one nomination for each of the offices and two additional nominations for committee.

Pat Stapleton had agreed to continue as Chairman and Ken asked if this was the wish of the meeting. This was approved unanimously. Pat thanked the group but stressed that she viewed herself as an acting Chairman in view of her mobility problems.

Ken then suggested that the remainder of the nominations were approved en bloc. This was passed.

As such, Gary Readings replaced Mike Whatmore as Treasurer. Russell Telfer was re-elected as Secretary. Keith Waterson was re-elected to Committee and was joined by Mary Lelliott as a new member.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending. The meeting adjourned at 8.15 pm for refreshments. A quiz had been prepared by Hilary but as attendance was low and some members had other commitments, it was decided to defer this to a later date.


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