Minutes of the 2012 AGM

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The Pavey Group
The Charmouth Local History Resource Centre
The Elms, The Street, Charmouth Dorset DT6 6LN

Minutes of the Fourteenth Annual General Meeting held on 26th September 2012 at The Elms

Chairman’s Welcome: Pat Stapleton welcomed 24 members to the meeting.

Apologies for Absence: Richard Stirk, Mike Thomas, Rosemary Earl, Mary Lelliott, David and Julie Renfrew, Linda Roberts, Dave Hunter

Minutes from the last AGM of 29th September 2011: As the minutes of the previous AGM were lengthy, it was agreed that they would be summarised by the Secretary with copies available for scrutiny later. The Chairman proposed their approval, and this was passed.

Matters Arising: There were no matters arising.

Chairman’s Report: Pat Stapleton described events in the early part of the year when there was something of a pause after Peter Press’s retirement from the Chairmanship. Subsequently a number of committee members resigned and replacements were made to continue the work of the group. She said that there had been a clash of personalities and differences of opinion about the future direction of the Group but that this was now being dealt with. She stressed that there was a need for a full-time chairman as she herself was not able to perform the role in the way which she wished. Additionally a programme of events has been arranged: a talk at the United Reformed Church in October, a Presentation on the Charmouth Christmas Swim in November, and a Coffee Morning in December.

Treasurer’s Report: As the Treasurer was not present, a copy of the accounts was given to all members present. The Secretary answered questions on the figures; it was noted that there was a substantial stock of printer cartridges and consumables which went some way to explaining the deficit in the accounts – a situation that would be reduced in the ensuing year.

Secretary’s Report: Peter Press had continued to produce The Village Echo with his previous regular helpers, but there were a number of changes in responsibilities with some members of committee resigning. Isobel Telfer, Hilary Munday (who also manages the website) were co-opted to the committee as was Russell Telfer, who was appointed Secretary after Penny Rose’s resignation. A sub-committee was set up to determine the future direction and priorities of the Group. The group – Isobel, Neil Mattingly briefly, Hilary, and Russell – with contributions from Keith Waterson and Richard Stirk, discussed and recommended:

a full digital database of all our photographs should be prepared; that an inventory should be made of all our resources; that there should be more publicity for the group with a designated publicity officer appointed and that we should overhaul our communications by switching where possible to email and electronic versions of the Village Echo to reduce escalating costs and to avoid any need for a rise in subscriptions.

In response, Malcolm Bowditch commented that he and others had been disappointed not to receive their full complement of Village Echos. Russell acknowledged that this was a ‘weak spot’ in the committee’s activities, that they were aware of it and they were doing what they could make good on their commitment to produce future Echos on time.

Election of Officers and Committee: Malcolm Bowditch took over for this part of the meeting. He said that Pat Stapleton had agreed to continue as Chairman as there were no other nominations. She was elected unanimously and she returned to preside over the remaining elections. As there was only one nomination for each of Treasurer and Secretary, and fewer than six committee members, all those standing were elected, namely: Mike Whatmore as Treasurer, Russell Telfer as Secretary, Richard Stirk and Keith Waterson as Committee Members.

The Chairman thanked everyone for attending and the meeting adjourned at 8.40 pm for refreshments.


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