Charmouth History Trail

The Charmouth History Trail is a guided walk round our historic village using a 24 page booklet with 8 black and white photos and 3 colour plates.

The booklet can be obtained from village outlets including NISA, Morgans and the Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre at a cost of £3. If you are unable to find a copy in the village, or if you would like a copy sent by post, please contact us. Postage will be charged at cost.

To view the Charmouth History Trail slide show designed to accompany the walk click here. To move on to the next slide click/tap the arrow at the very right hand edge of the image about half way up; to move back click/tap the arrow at the left edge.

The Charmouth History Trail will introduce you to the history of the village, the buildings and the people who lived here or passed through. Largely based on research by local historians it aims to inform and, hopefully, to entertain. Amongst other things it includes:

• where Catherine of Aragon and King Charles II stayed the night
• when Florence Nightingale visited the doctors surgery
• the Abbot’s House, a Monk’s Rest and a Monk’s Wall
• explanations of voussoirs, gablets, canted bays and oriel windows
• some scary stories of the supernatural and the Devil’s Bellows
• our own Prince Charles
• how misbehaving in Charmouth could get you deported
• a collection of fine hats and a few heavy guns
• a stuffed shark, squirrels and pineapples