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Charmouth’s Pirate Parson

Neil Mattingly and Simon Parsons are presenting ‘Charmouth’s Pirate Parson’ in aid of Changing Spaces for St Andrew’s Church. We hope you can come along and learn about this intriguing history. Tuesday 8th May 2018 at 7pm at St Andrew’s Church.

2017 Summer Exhibition

2017 Summer Exhibition

There will be a free exhibition at the Pavey Room in The Elms over the summer months. This will focus on a selection from the enormous number of old photographs we have. There will be over 200 images, all with some accompanying notes, showing various aspects of the village, some dating back to the 19th century, and including many of Samuel Hansford’s wonderful photos. Also on display will be some of the artefacts we have collected over the years, ranging from the pre-historic to interesting objects like the raisin stoner and coffee grinder that used be part of the local stores.

We hope this will be of interest to both residents and visitors. It will be an opportunity to come and browse at your leisure and find out a bit more about the fascinating Local History of our village.

Opening Hours:
Grand opening Friday 7th July 6.30 – 9pm,
Mondays – Saturdays 2-4pm
(we plan to be open every day but Sunday but we are dependent on volunteers so If you are coming any distance please contact us first just to make sure there are no problems)

The Pavey Room, for directions click here.

Entrance will be free for all and there will be two other free exhibitions in adjacent buildings as shown here:

For more information visit here.

Back issues of the Village Echo on the web

Back issues 1 to 41 of The Village Echo are now available to read online. These are the full pdf files and are fully searchable; you can search either in the titles of the articles or in the full text (e.g. you can search for occurrences of a place, house or personal name and find which issues contain that text).

There is a huge amount of information about the village and its history in these back issues and we thought it important to make this more readily available.

Full details here.

Issues 42 and 43 are currently available only in paper form (please contact us if you would like to purchase at £2 each plus postage). These issues may be uploaded in due course.

Autumn Talk 2016


Our autumn talk “Charmouth in Living Memory” by Ken Gollop & Neil Mattingly, an illustrated tour of the village over the last 80 years, will be held on Thursday 29th September at 7pm in the Village Hall, Wesley Close. Free for members (£3 each for non-members).  Refreshments provided.

We will be holding our AGM after the mid-talk break.

2016 AGM and Autumn Talk

2016 AGM and Autumn Talk

Advanced notice that these will take place on Thursday 29 September in the Village Hall starting at 7.00pm.

The talk will be by Neil Mattingly and Ken Gollop, titled “Charmouth in Living Memory”, and the AGM. which we hope will be very brief, will take place after the mid-talk break.

More details of the AGM will be sent to members in due course and more details of the talk will be posted here when they are available.

DVD of the Charmouth Stores talk

A professionally produced DVD of our spring talk by Neil Mattingly and Phil Tritton “Charmouth Stores (Nisa) – The evolution of a village shop since 1806” is now available from the Stores priced £3.99, or £6 for the booklet and DVD . Please contact us if you would like to purchase by post.

Village Echo 43

Village Echo no. 43

The latest issue of the Village Echo, number 43, a bumper issue of 56 pages, is now out and available at outlets in the village priced £2. If you would like to purchase a copy by post please contact us.

Charmouth in the 1920s through the lens of Claude Hider, Neil Mattingly
On Monkton Wyld School and its closure, Charles Bevan
Charmouth’s Missing Railway, Russell Telfer
The Street in 1955
The Royal British Legion Women’s Section, Charmouth Branch, 1926-2015, Pat Stapleton and Tricia Forsey
The Return of the Pryers, Trevor Clark
The Architectural Gems that are 1, 2 and 3 Hillside, Neil Mattingly
From The Pavey Room: Society News, Phil Tritton

Spring talk 2016

Talk on March 11

Friday 11th March at 7pm in the Village Hall:

A talk by Neil Mattingly and Phil Tritton:

“Charmouth Stores (Nisa) – The evolution of a village shop since 1806”.

Members free, non-members £3.